Personal (RISD MFA Thesis Research)


eBay Luxe

This fictional publication not only highlights the strange world of the eBay marketplace, but also the second life of high-end goods. Many of the advertisements almost feel real, due to the slick brand names and staged photography, but once the viewer notices the scuffed shoes, measuring tape, and mannequins, the eBay world begins to emerge and play alongside the glamour. These images represent luxury on a budget and the reality lying beneath the portrayed fantasies.


Given the formulaic nature of luxury ads—basically full-bleed images stamped with the brands’ names—I decided to recreate my own, but with images found on eBay. To give myself a clear parameter within which to search, I narrowed my focus to the top 5 most valuable luxury fashion brands according to Interbrand’s global rankings. The resulting companies were Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès, Cartier, and Prada (in descending order).

Broken down into 5 sections based on eBay’s “Tips for Successful Photo Taking,” the outcomes range from quirky to pitiful. The tips give sellers advice for taking images that will not only help sell their products, but also give buyers a clear picture of the items—stains and rips included.

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