Frank Collective


Associate Creative Director


SquiggleDAO is a web 3.0 organization built around collecting and celebrating the on-chain generative art project known as the Chromie Squiggle. Frank Collective was tasked with crafting a brand identity and website reflecting their dual role as a digital museum and community. A brand strategy was also created to reach a broader audience and to provide a foundational direction for the DAO’s future endeavors. The website features a clean, yet playful homepage showcasing the Squiggle, with an interactive "Squig Me" button for exploring its variations. Opportunities for NFT enthusiasts are highlighted to foster collection growth and membership.

Derived from the ethereum blockchain logo, the square frame of the SquiggleDAO logo brings to mind museums and art galleries. The Squiggle itself extends beyond the borders of the frame, however, visually symbolizing how on-chain art disrupts and escapes the confines of traditional art. While mainly housing our hero Squiggle, the frame also creates a tasteful system for displaying any Squiggle in the DAO’s collection in all its glory.

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