LuRu Home

LuRu Home︎ originated in Shanghai but is now based in New York. Given the company’s history, the brand refresh draws on elements ranging from 1920s Art Deco and classic Chinese ornamentation to vernacular Chinatown take-out menus. By utilizing the overlapping motifs that surface across both eras and continents, the company’s Chinese roots are now front and center, but take life in a more playful, yet classic approach.

︎LuRu Home breathes new life into the marriage of East and West, redefines Chinoiserie, and makes Chinese textile art accessible and relevant to a contemporary way of living. The company is the definitive authority on Nankeen indigo dyed fabrics with vintage and antique textile collections. Building upon the reservoir of Nankeen prints and Shanghai Deco motifs, LuRu Home also designs a line of screen-printed fabrics for upholstery.

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