Curate is a floral management platform that helps florists manage events, streamline workflow and automate purchasing. Within an industry that is inherently full of color and beauty, the brand needed a more vibrant look and feel that would integrate well into the digital space.

With bright colors and playful, illustrative blooms, the brand refresh builds on the organic quality of the company’s original brandmark while amplifying the floral energy. Rather than utilizing photographic foliage which could alienate users due to their specificity, simple illustrations enliven the brand with a touch of whimsy. Additionally, party and dining elements mingle with the floral illustrations to reflect the tool’s ability to help florists within the wedding and event planning industries.

Design Studio: Atomicdust | St. Louis, MO

Senior Designer

Project Credits:
Creative Direction: Mike Spakowski
Design: Steph Wang
Copywriting: Julie Rechtien

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