Senior Designer


Creative Direction: Mike Spakowski
Copywriting: Julie Rechtien


evolve24 analyzes data from hundreds of millions of sources to help businesses understand consumers, emotions and market trends. As a tech-savvy company with a powerful SaaS product, evolve24 needed a brand refresh to more clearly define themselves as an online platform and communicate their competitive advantages within the industry.

To help consumers better understand evolve24’s cutting-edge behavioral indicators, color became a driving factor when developing the brand. By choosing a palette that blends warm oranges with cool blues, we not only had gradients to further play into the ideas of evolution and constant change, but a wide array of colors to codify evolve24’s various behavioral algorithms. Photography focused on individuals rather than of scientific clichés also helped create a more approachable, human-focused brand.

The logo leans techy—a nod to analytics, but also friendly. Made up of 24 nodes, the data-driven icon reflects the ever-changing digital landscape. The points can be seen as individual sources of data as well as an overall connected and growing field of data.

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