WOW! Vinyl

When thinking about a way in which I could reimagine the front of RISD’s CIT building (where many of the school’s graduate studios are located) I instantly thought about the language of vinyl window decals. The material is extremely versatile and can either feel refined or brash depending on its use. As the entrance to the building is connected to a clean art gallery, I wanted to push against the expected atmosphere.︎

︎To encapsulate the urgency of closeout sales, chalk-painted arrows accumulated around the building’s entrance but began to appear as far away as a few blocks to reel in unassuming visitors. With a statement like this, one expects to see items for sale, yet, behind the hype, was nothing but a quiet lobby. To quantify the nothingness being sold, an asterisk and fine print were added to the window after the initial day of installation which stated, “Restrictions Apply.”

Project Credits:
Collaborative project with Mina Park

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